While The Change In Business Practices Will Only Affect How Google Operates In Europe For The Time Being, The Consequences Could Eventually Extend Beyond Europe.

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Google May Be Forced to Change Its Business Practices in Europe

Google May Be Forced to Change Its Business Practices in Europe Google is expected to be hit with a fine of over 1 billion euros by antitrust officials in Europe, according to the New York Times . In addition to the record fine, Google may be forced to change how it operates in Europe. All of this stems from the fact that European officials take issue with how Google surfaces its search results. The European Union alleges Google intentionally favors its own shopping services over competitors when ranking search listings. Google denies these allegations and has yet to comment on the latest developments regarding the fine and subsequent changes it may be forced to make. The European Commission has also declined to comment on this story. While the change in business practices will only affect how Google operates in Europe for the time being, the consequences could eventually extend beyond Europe. Potential consequences could include Google having to adjust its search algorithms in Europe to give greater prominence to competitors. The changes are not expected to have a significant impact on searchers, if or when they are rolled out. Google’s legal battles with the European Union date back to 2015, and could still take another several years before they are fully resolved.

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